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Bathroom Additions

One of our most sought after services is our bathroom additions. A bathroom addition is such a smart investment as it will offer more privacy when guests come to visit and it will increase the value of your property. Our bathroom additions aren’t only stylish and luxurious, they are practical and cost-effective. If you have decided to sell your Panama City home, you’ll see your investment returned. We specialize in both master bedroom bathroom additions and small bathroom additions. Give us a call and we will gladly share our bathroom addition ideas with you.

Choosing the perfect color scheme

The reason you renovate is for enjoyment. We tend to spend quite some time in our bathrooms, why not ensure that your bathroom’s color scheme shouts soothing and calming – assisting our clients in avoiding harsh and bright colors. With such expert designers, we help you in picking the perfect shades for all your bathroom renovations. A calming shade of coral helps recreate a personal spa experience and coral compliments all other natural surfaces. Among our clients, there is a growing trend where white and grey are combined to not only make your bathroom appear wider it also gives it a more modern edge.

Design ahead of its time

Bathrooms have become extremely surreal featuring breathtaking designs offering great practical value. If you are additioning, why not plan and design a bathroom that will maintain a future feel and look regardless of new developments in the bathroom industry. Let’s consider a few elements such as in-floor heating, touch-less taps, and toilets. With futuristic designs, your only hurdle would be your budget. Luckily if your work with us at Panama City Bathroom Pros you can save on your bathroom remodel and get the bathroom you have always dreamt about. No need to skim on popular trends.


Your new bathroom addition should future one of a wide selection of countertops available on the market. Enrich and compliment are why we always suggest spicing up your addition with a lovely countertop. There is an endless range of designs and materials to pick from. Although natural elements like wood and stone are a popular choice, we can offer our clients laminate, ceramic, porcelain, and granite countertops for every season. Inquire about all your design and material choices by giving us a call. We will gladly supply you with a mind-blowing bathroom addition catalog. Choose us and be spoiled with choices.

We analyze your space

Deciding where to place your bathroom additions are easy. The more challenging part is utilizing the space optimally. Our expert remodel technicians plan your floor space logically and realistically. For a shower or a bathtub, you will require 35 square feet and for a walk-in shower, significantly more space might have to be allocated. Not to even mention a powder room or a personalized spa. What you have originally planned will change and that’s why we encourage all our prospective clients to book a free consultation so that we can help you decide which bathroom layout will work best for you.