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Bathroom Tile Installation

From floors to walls. No matter the kind of tile or stone, we specialize in all types of projects large and small. Whether you are looking to update your existing bathroom floors or thinking of adding some tile to your walls our skilled tilers can implement your tiling vision. We do all sorts of styles and designs and it doesn’t mean if it is not listed that we can’t do it. Why not opt for a more traditional or vintage bathroom tile display? How about rustic to formal? Our stone options will set the tone from the floor up.

Floor Tile

Even if you can’t tell the difference between wall tile and floor tile, we certainly can. Floor tile handles more foot traffic than wall tiles and should therefore use more durable materials and be installed properly to avoid any cracking and chipping. This is where you require an expert’s know-how. Before installing your floor tiles, we ensure that they are responsibly sourced. We can tell you exactly what ingredients your tiles consists of, the kind of glaze and finish that has been applied as well as the temperature the tiles were fired at. Additionally, we carry tile and stone in all shapes and sizes to create the personal taste you prefer.

Wall Tile

Wall tile is all about making statements and here in Panama City, your condo has to live up to expectations. When opting for a wall tile design, our clients have the privilege of limited options as we don’t have to consider safety and slipping. We can offer various solutions from a more coordinated look to something more multi-dimensional with a raised pattern look. Our collections here at Panama City Bathroom Pros feature at least one-floor tile, a backsplash tile, and a couple of decorative accent tiles for some spot-on bathroom personality. Combining our designer series will create stunning end-results.

To tile or to paint?

Not an easy decision. It all boils down to maintenance. With tile and our excellent grout sealing skills, you can enjoy minimum maintenance and mold growth once we have installed your wall tiles. Tile beats paint in the decor arena – paint is plain and tile can accomplish much more aesthetically. Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself how a tiled bathroom wall outshines a boring paint job. And then there is the splash factor. Any wall areas that are prone to splash should be tiled like the walls in your shower or the walls by your tub. If you have to tile, you might as well avoid an imbalanced room by tiling it all out.

Why you should choose us?

Choosing us as your bathroom tile installers is a no brainer. Because we tackle any projects no matter the size and when we install our creations are beautiful and custom. We specialize in both repairs of existing tile systems and designing systems from scratch. And with us, you are spoiled for choice with our wide variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, marble, and even granite. We also promise what our competitors can’t – a free in-home or virtual consultation. Plus, our workmanship is of the highest quality and is accompanied by a tile installation warranty. Simply request an estimate online and we will give you a callback.