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Bathtub and Shower Remodel

We have remodeled thousands of tubs and showers over the years making us your go-to professionals for all bathtub and shower renovations. Not only do we strive in bringing our client’s top-quality materials, but our designs are also innovative and never-seen-before. Why would you settle for second best when you can settle for a remodel that not only fits your budget but completely transforms the appeal of your bathroom structures. Our team is committed to serving the Panama City community with luxury and style. To find out more about our state-of-the-art remodeling solutions request a call back via our online contact form.

Why you should avoid DIY?

Unless you are a remodel connoisseur, we highly advise against a DIY. Thinking you might save on costs will only end up costing you more. Rather hire one of our full-service contractors to demolish the facilities on your behalf. We have a project plan designed by a team of professionals who have the necessary experience to execute flawlessly. Let’s face it if you ready your facilities you might overlook important pre-construction factors something we don’t miss with our well-devised checklist. We do things the surefire way something all our past clients can attest to.

Reasons to hold onto your tub

We have heard it a million times – homeowners begging us to remove their tubs and to go shower only. Considering a few questions before doing away with it altogether. Do you use your tub? Believe us, you will miss it once it is no longer around. Why not sleek things up with a cast-iron enameled tub? Plus, you can reglaze and still save on money. What about having kids? Do you like to relax? Showers can unfortunately not match the level of relaxation one gets from taking a bath. When it comes to investments, you won’t get the returns you want with a shower only bathroom. Our expert contractors can tackle any remodeling and renovation task. Simply communicate your vision and we get the job done.

Upgrade your tile

Why not adore your shower more with a complete super size overhaul whilst upgrading your tile? We do it all and we do it effectively and efficiently. Our tile experts know that there is zero room for error when tiling your shower. With even the smallest crack or seam you will have a bunch of water damage on your hands and your home’s underlying structures. For this reason, our skilled technicians have developed a no tolerance for error approach that outperforms our competitors. We will put some serious thought into your remodeling project before we plunge in and that is a warranty.

Tie a shower and tub

Having both these services in your bathroom can be a sight for sore eyes. Avoiding visual chaos is how we remodel. Before we commence your renovation project we carefully choose matching materials to ensure that we tie successfully. How about paring a luxurious standing bathtub with an adjacent shower enclosure? Sounds fancy? Not as fancy as using marble for both the shower and the tub. Or tying both facilities with pearl deftly. We know you are impressed with our remodel finesse – give us a call and have your shower and tub revamped within days.