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Cost to Remodel a Bathroom

Any bathroom remodeling project starts with a budget. How much does a remodel cost? Probably a question that is on every homeowner’s lips. Many factors affect renovation and remodeling costs. Each remodeling project is unique and therefore it is impossible to provide our prospective clients with set prices. What we can offer our clients is a bathroom remodeling estimate and some details outlining how costs are calculated. Plus, if you have a tight budget, we promise to remodel without cutting any corners and remodeling can always be completed in different phases.

The size of the bathroom

With all logic said and done, the biggest factor for calculating remodeling costs are the size of your bathroom. The bigger the bathroom the more expensive the service. More labor is required to renovate when dealing with big spaces. If you would like to get the job done quickly as well more manpower will be required. Bigger spaces also require more materials and more materials mean higher costs whether it is tiling or glazing. This holds for the opposite – smaller bathrooms will be less expensive to remodel. Book a consultation and we will gladly calculate your unique revamping bathroom project.

Materials and fixtures

The price of remodeling is significantly affected by the materials, fixtures, and solutions you choose. For accessible handicap bathrooms, custom sinks and toilets will price higher than a simple sink installation for a regular bathroom. If you prefer porcelain over marble, you will need to increase your budget. With us your remodeling contractors you can avoid margins on materials, but if you seek to tile your whole bathroom wall, your quote will be more expensive than say a homeowner who only opts for tiling on the bathroom floor. The fancier, stylish, and luxurious look does come at a price, but we can keep it under budget with a sleek contemporary look.

The floor plan

Probably the most expensive aspect of a bathroom renovation project is when you would like to completely change the layout of the bathroom. The reason being that plumbing and electrical work is added to the quote. More time and effort needs to be devoted to designing a new floor plan and will often require other professionals apart from the contractors. Unless you have some savings to splurge, encouraging our clients to carefully consider if a complete overhaul is necessary. Plus, more fixtures will have to be sourced and often from different sources increasing the total price of the project.

Setting a budget

When you provide us with a budget, our experts can design your remodeling project accordingly. And it is always a good idea to set aside at least ten percent for unforeseen expenses. Seeing that we have been remodeling for years, we do have budget savvy – we pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done under budget without compromising on quality materials and design expectations. And our impressive remodeling knowledge comes in handy when opting for materials that are not the real deal but deliver on looks and appeal. Making decisions with a budget in mind will save you tons of cash. We care about your bank balance just as much as you do.