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Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

You have found the best company if you are looking into handicap accessible bathroom modifications or a complete renovation. We pride ourselves in meeting specific disability needs where wheelchair users are accommodated. Our focus is on universal designs tailored according to each client’s requirements. You deserve freedom and dignity which is exactly what we promise and deliver on with our accessible bathroom renovations. For complete relaxation and peace of mind, our floor plans provide flexibility whilst adhering to the utmost stringent safety measures. With us here at Panama City Bathroom Pros the inaccessible is made accessible.

Bathroom entrance

When our expert installers plan our handicap-accessible bathroom the first thing that springs to mind is the entrance and exit. This area should be step and obstacle-free. Plus, the size should be spot on – it should be 36 inches to be exact. When we design we recommend fitting entrances with either pocket or sliding doors otherwise your entrance lacks practicability. Bringing our clients ease of access is our number one priority and therefore we believe that traditional doors for handicap accessible bathrooms even with handled levers can’t compare to our sliding and pocket options.

Height of toilet and sink access

We have devoted countless hours to training and research which makes us the best in the accessible business. Our toilet installations are characterized by oval-shaped bowls and the chair height does not exceed 18 inches. And then there is the weight. An element some companies overlook, but we don’t. For finishing touches, we go an extra inch by adding wall reinforcement for an extra touch of safety. Space underneath the sink is a given as a wheelchair user needs to roll up to the sink and we have not forgotten about levers for your taps – making them on and off turns so much more convenient.

Bath & shower

As you have noticed we cover all bases and we understand all too well how regular bathtubs and showers are plagued with obstructions for a handicapped person. A raising and lowering device is ideal in this instance as the individual can use a bathtub freely and securely. We have been fitting these devices for years and are proud to back it up with a guarantee. For showers, we specialize in a wide range of roll-in solutions. To make your bathroom extra accessible, we can equip both showers and tubs. Thank goodness you have the experts here at Panama City Pros to take care of all your obstructions. Simply contact us for a consultation and we will have your bathroom fitted in no time.

Light switches

An element often overlooked, but probably the most crucial. For handicapped individuals, access is no longer accessible if one can’t use the lights or electrical sockets. Therefore we give extra thought and attention to placement. Plus, we ensure that we use fluorescent or LED bulbs – they tend to last very long and don’t require frequent replacement. Sockets have to be at a uniquely tailored height to enhance accessibility and independence – giving our handicapped clients the results they need. We hope you find our knowledge and accessibility bathroom approaches to be of your liking.